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Kyoto animation fire reddit

All of the entries from the latest writing contest! Please, for the love of everything, tag your spoilers. Looking at you, Attack on Titan readers. Archive Writing Club All pages. Join us on Discord! Follow us on Twitter! All Fanart posts must flaired and posted as a text post. You may only post Fanart once every 7 days.

Clip submissions must contain the name of the show in the title and be flaired with a [Clip] tag. Looking for what show an image came from? Try searching for the image with one of the following sites:. Updates in Megathread - 36 dead Kyoto Animation studio KyoAni had a fire break out within, and several people were injured. Sentai has made an update to the campaign stating that they're partnering with GoFundMe directly and the funds are being held until they know exactly how they'll be distributed.

Jokes and other poor-taste comments about the situation will be removed. Mentions of the perpetrator's name when it becomes available will also be removed. According to the Kyoto Prefectural Police Headquarters, the fact that a man painted a liquid like gasoline on the spot means that he is securing the character of the man and is currently hearing from the man for suspicion of an arson. Edit 3: Dear lord, looks like it's up to 30 injured and 10 in critical condition unconscious.

Edit 5: As details comes out this continues to get more horrific. It seems that the arsonist intentionally poured gasoline on people as well as the building.

I can't imagine why someone would do something like this. Edit 6: Since my last edit I've had to go to bed due to having work today. More details have come out since, but the worst of them is the death toll. CNN is reporting at least 23 dead. This is a tragic loss of life and is already one of the worst mass killings in modern Japanese history.

I feel the need to state that a lot of specific names are being thrown around, especially of major directors in the company.More than 30 people died after a suspected arson in an animation production studio in Kyoto, Japan, early Thursday. At least 70 people were thought to have been inside the three-story Kyoto Animation building in Japan's ancient capital at the time the fire started, state broadcaster NHK reported. A Japanese fire official said 33 people were confirmed dead and a further 36 injured, according to The Associated Press.

According to the AP, Kyoto police said the fire broke out after a man burst into the building screaming "You die! Police said the year-old man had been detained and was taken to hospital for treatment, according to NHK. They later said that the suspect is neither a current nor a former employee of the animation studio, according to NBC News local partner NTV. The animation studio's president, Hideaki Hatta, told reporters that he had received threatening emails recently, according to NHK.

kyoto animation fire reddit

The emails addressed to the company's sales departments told them to die, Hatta said. The emails had no titles and the company consulted a lawyer each time, he added. Kyoto Animation, better known as KyoAni, was founded in as an animation and comic book production studio, and is known for megahit stories featuring high school girls, including "Lucky Star," ''K-On!

The death toll climbed immediately after the incident as firefighters entered the building and assessed the damage. Fire officials said 13 people were found and confirmed dead on the first and the second floors of the building, the AP reported. More than 10 people were found unresponsive on the third floor and in the stairwell where they appeared to have been trying to escape to the roof. And for those who have suffered injuries, I extend my deepest sympathy and pray for the swiftest recovery.

Footage on national television showed gray smoke billowing from the charred building. Other footage showed windows blown out. Witnesses in the neighborhood said they heard bangs coming from the building, others said they saw people coming out blackened, bleeding, walking barefoot, Kyodo News reported.

Rescue officials set up an orange tent outside the studio building to provide first aid and sort out the injured. A GoFundMe was established by U. IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. News Opinion Business World.

Follow NBC News. More than 30 feared dead in suspected arson at Japan animation studio July 18, Nick Bailey contributed.Come join the Kyoto Animation Discord Server! Why was there no longer a continuation of the Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuuutsu anime? How many Grand Prize winners of the Kyoto Animation awards are there? Who is Maaya Uchida? Queen of Chuunibyou Anime Voices youtu. Should the mods add user flairs like K-on or Violet evergarden self.

Konata uses the computer youtu. It would help me a lot if you guys could answer this self. I think that this song fits so well with Violet Evergarden : youtube. Who is Yui Ishikawa? Voice of Violet Evergarden self. Idea: A KyoAni racing video game similar to something like Mario Kart except featuring characters and places all throughout KyoAni works.

Call it Kyoto Kart!! I made a video about how Violet Evergarden made me feel youtu.

kyoto animation fire reddit

I made a video about my journey through watching Hyouka! What animation software does kyoto animations use? This is a perfect review of Sound!

Suspected Kyoto arson: More than 30 dead after fire tears through Japan studio

Euphonium which made me cry Includes Spoilers!! For the past 44 days, I did a competiton on Twitter to find Kyoanis's best girl, in the end Yui beat Mugi in the finals! Is there a list to all the meaning behind the flowers of Naoko Yamada? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join?

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Continued or outstandingly blatant violation of the submission or commenting rules will result in you being temporarily banned from the subreddit without a warning. From what I've heard working for Kyoto is basically the dream job for a lot of animators in Japan, that they care deeply for their employees, so this news really hurts. This was a place that created wonderful, lovely things that made thousands of people happy, and someone decided to burn it down.

Working for Kyoto Animation there is like working for Pixar here, the people working there are insanely talented. The reason KyoAni is a dream employer is because they pay animators a salary, not per-frame as is the industry standard. No kidding. Apparently this pretty graphic eyewitness account was reported online before being edited out:. I couldn't tell if they were a man or a woman. Their mouth was bright red against their blackened body covered completely in soot, even their face. HELP" again and again.

Soon they stopped moving against the window and burned into it like a shadow.

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Then I heard the din of ambulance sirens and helicopters flying by. Reportedly he claims they copied something of his and ripped him off, so probably a disgruntled artist of some sort. Yeah, it's like what happened with Dimebag Darrel way back now. There's almost certainly no basis in reality. Holy shit, that is going to be traumatic for the eyewitness.

I wouldn't be able to sleep for weeks if I ever saw that. I regret reading this because of how graphic it is. I've seen people die before in other things, but I think being burnt to death is probably one of the worst imaginable things that could happen.

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This is so tragic. Many Japanese high rise buildings like to do this to prevent suicide.All of the entries from the latest writing contest! Please, for the love of everything, tag your spoilers. Looking at you, Attack on Titan readers. Archive Writing Club All pages. Join us on Discord! Follow us on Twitter! All Fanart posts must flaired and posted as a text post. You may only post Fanart once every 7 days.

Clip submissions must contain the name of the show in the title and be flaired with a [Clip] tag. Looking for what show an image came from? Try searching for the image with one of the following sites:. Announcement Kyoto Animation Fire Megathread self. In a statement on their siteKyoto Animation asks everyone to refrain from interviewing the company; the employees as well as their families and relatives; bereaved families and friends; and business partners.

Furthermore, Kyoto Animation requested the police and the media to refrain from publicizing any real names. Giving top priority to the families, the relatives, and the bereaved of their employees, no names will be publicized by Kyoto Animation at least until after funerals have been held.

Go read this Hollywood Reporter story about the arson attack at Kyoto Animation

The police have released the names of all 35 deceased thread on first tenthread on other 25though we're only listing the names of those that had family allowing public release:. Euphonium, Animation Director on a lot of Kyoto Animation works. Take On Me. Kyoto Animation has opened a bank accout for receiving donations. Donated money will go to the families and relatives of deceased employees; the recuperating employees and their families and relatives; and reconstruction of the company.

The amount of received donations will be reported by Kyoto Animation for the sake of transparancy, and fundraising activities that are carried out in support of the company will be listed on their site once they have been verified by them. RightStuf has set up a donation page through the end of August for those that want to avoid fees for smaller donation amounts. More info about how the transfer of funds will occur. Others have also been talking about buying digital goods from KyoAni's online shopas this money goes directly to KyoAni and there is minimal effort required of the staff to process these payments.

A guide to doing so has been made. In Japan, many companies and locations will also collect donations for the studio and the affected, including retail chain AnimateUji City at Sightseeing Center 1and the Kyoto International Manga Museum.

Crunchyroll has also released a statement and created a form for those who wish to share messages with KyoAni. It can be found here.

Kyoto Animation fire: Arson attack at Japan anime studio kills 33

Additionally, the mod team is trying to organize a tribute to KyoAni in the form of fanart and well-wishes. This will occur on the 14th of August, with submissions closing on the 10th. Please post any tributes in the thread here. If your tributes are text based please submit them via the google form here instead. People making poor-taste jokes, calls to violence, and other inappropriate comments will be removed, and extreme cases will get bans. This will be a heavily moderated thread, and we likely won't be using removal reasons to avoid causing meta drama.

We don't normally make stickies for news events like this, but because of how extreme the current situation is, the mod team has decided to make an exception and gather information about the unfolding situation in one place.

Existing threads on the matter will stay up, but we're asking further updates be posted here rather than in separate threads.

kyoto animation fire reddit

Send a modmail or ping your favorite moderator to have a news link added to this thread or for amendments to the situation summary. Please submit any tribute pieces as replies to this comment. They may be removed if found outside so those that need access to them later can find them all in one place.News reporter alixculbertson.

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Shinji Aoba is accused of killing 36 people and injuring 32 others after allegedly setting fire to an animation studio in Kyoto in July as he reportedly believed the company stole his story ideas. The year-old suspect was in a critical condition, with third degree burns that destroyed the innermost layer of his skin.

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player. There was also a lack of human skin available as organ donation is rare in Japan so the victims were given priority to receive donor skin first, doctors told Kyodo News. Aoba was not expected to survive as so much of his body was burned, but in early September doctors announced his burns were no longer life-threatening and he would undergo skin graft surgery in Osaka. In a first for Japan for such extensive burns, surgeons used mostly artificial skin and only small patches of his own skin in the reconstructive surgery.

Police began questioning Aoba in September, when he was no longer in a life-threatening state, and at the beginning of November he reportedly admitted the arson allegations. After he is sufficiently recovered from his burns and is able to withstand being held in detention, he will be arrested on suspicion of murder and other charges.

Aoba allegedly poured fuel into the reception of the Kyoto Animation Co studio, where 71 people were working, on 18 July then set it alight. He reportedly told police he carried out the attack because the studio stole his story ideas after he sent two manuscripts to them. Aoba reportedly told hospital staff he expects to be sentenced to death, which is carried out in Japan by hanging usually only for mass murderers. Watch Live. Alix Culbertson News reporter alixculbertson. Fill 2 Copy 11 Created with Sketch.

Wednesday 27 NovemberUK. Why you can trust Sky News. Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The resulting explosion killed 36 people, injured dozens more, and destroyed much of the Studio One building. For example, the story describes how Hatta spent hours at Studio One after the attack consoling victims, and then had to drive aimlessly to avoid journalists and TV news trucks that had parked outside another studio and at his home.

But I also found inspiration and even some joy in the story. The attorney helping the Hattas, for example, took the bullet train to the studio the day after the attack to offer his help — for free. The story, despite being about a horrible event, is a great profile of Kyoto Animation, its founder, and why people have given so generously to help the company in the months since the attack.

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kyoto animation fire reddit

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